Pool Restaurant
From the summer season!

All year The multiple events

All year round, we travel all over the Gard to meet you. We participate in various gatherings and events so that you can meet us and discover the passion we have for our profession. So, come and visit us at these Gard events & amp; Vauclusien where you can taste our home cooking!

February 15-16, 2020
Delivery of meal trays / Friendly meals in the company

Order your meal trays for lunch within your company. We deliver to you!

Business lunch tray
€ 16.50 (tax incl.)
Sector Pujaut - Villeneuve - Les Angles - Rochefort du Gard - Orange - Bagnols sur Cèze
Plates to share (Charcuterie / Cheese / Italian Antipasti)

- Anti meals

- Cheese (Italian cheeses)

- Charcutière (Italian charcuterie)

Dessert from € 4.50
From 15.90
Old Price €